Google Chromecast HDMI Streaming Media Player

 What is Google Chromecast?

Google Chromecast
Google Chromecast

Google’s Chromecast Streaming Media player is an HDMI device that enables you to watch or listen to programs from a variety of sources on your own HDMI capable TV.  Imagine watching Youtube videos, Hulu or Netflix in HD on your television instead of  a small laptop, tablet or handheld device.   With Google’s HDMI Streaming media player you can send content to you large screen by simply pushing a button.  This makes Chromecast a top-selling product in 2013 and it has gotten lots of great reviews due to it’s ease of use and power.

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Chromecast is probably the least expensive and quickest way to use the internet on your TV.   At only 35 dollars it is an easy buy for even the most cost sensitive channel and web surfers.  This digital media streaming adapter will use your existing wireless connection and HDMI television.  After connecting it to your HDMI capable television and connecting it to your wireless network, you control it with your smartphone, tablet or computer.

There is no need for expensive audio visual equipment such as receivers or additional digital media players, no additional monthly fees or services are required.  Your device whether it is a tablet, smartphone or computer ends up acting like a remote – allowing you to queue up your own programming from the web.  If you have multiple Chromecasts, each of them can queue up video to the same television.  Chromecast also does not require that your device play the content you send to your television – While watching videos with Chromecast, you can still use your device for other things or even turn it off.

You can also use it to watch Google Play, Hulu, Netflix if you have access to these services and anything that is available through the web using the Chrome browser.  Support for additional services is will be added in the future.

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Using Google’ Chromecast dongle is easy.  With the Chromecast adapter plugged into your HDMI device, install the Chrome web browser and the free Google Cast browser extension onto your computer, then you will be able to send anything you are viewing in your browser up to your TV.  To use Chromecast from your smartphone or tablet to control your tv, you need to install the free Chromecast app from the Play Store. No remote is required to use Google Chromecast, just your HDMI capable tv, a computer, tablet or phone and the Chromecast device.

Probably the hardest thing about Google’s Chromecast if getting one.  It is a hot selling item in 2013 and many stores often do not have them in stock.  But you can find great deals on the internet, sometimes without shipping charges.

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